BLACK MASS Releases Featurette with Johnny Depp & Benedict Cumberbatch


BLACK MASS “AN UNHOLY ALLIANCE” FEATURETTE (Video) – Learn about the “alliance” made between the FBI and the mafia in this new featurette for Black Mass

Johnny Depp stars as Whitey Bulger, the Boston mob kingpin who would eventually become a FBI informant, feeding federal agents incrimination details about the mob operations. Continue Reading

Trailer for RISEN with Joseph Fiennes & Tom Felton


RISEN TRAILER 2 (Video) – Here’s the trailer for Risen!

Joseph Fiennes stars as Clavius, a Roman Centurion who is in charge of finding the corpse of Jesus after it is found missing from its tomb. While Jerusalem prepares for an uprising, Clavius questions his own beliefs during his investigation. Continue Reading

Mads Mikkelsen to Play Villain in Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE


DOCTOR STRANGE CASTING – Mads Mikkelsen is looking to join Marvel’s Doctor Strange as another villain (Chiwetel Ejiofor is playing Strange’s nemesis, Baron Mordo).

Mikkelsen is currently filming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story alongside Diego Luna and Felicity Jones. Continue Reading

Josh Brolin Hangs on For His Life in EVEREST Clip


EVEREST CLIP (Video) – This new clip from Everest will probably never make you want to climb the iconic mountain.

Based on actual events of the 1996 Mount Everest tragedy, the upcoming 3D thriller follows a group of climbers who begin their expedition up the iconic mountain when they are caught in the middle of a formidable weather disaster. Continue Reading

Z FOR ZACHARIAH Releases Clip with Margot Robbie & Chris Pine


Z FOR ZACHARIAH CLIP (Video) – Here’s a new clip from Z for Zachariah!

Based on the novel by Robert C. O’Brien, the post-apocalyptic film centers on a woman (Margot Robbie) who thinks she is the only survivor after a devastating nuclear explosion. Continue Reading

First Look at Michael Fassbender in ASSASSIN’S CREED


ASSASSIN’S CREED FIRST LOOK (Photo) – From Magneto to Steve Jobs, and now here he is as Callum Lynch in Assassin’s Creed!

Based on the popular video game series, the film follows a seemingly normal guy who is taken away by a secret organization to be sent back in time via “The Animus,” a highly advanced machine which puts him in the body of his ancestors. Continue Reading

STEVE JOBS Reveals Minimalistic Poster with Michael Fassbender


STEVE JOBS POSTER (Photo) – Check out this new simple yet aesthetically pleasing poster for Steve Jobs!

Written by Aaron Sorkin who worked from Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography, the upcoming biopic will follow the Apple cofounder (Michael Fassbender) while he’s preparing for three different product launches, including the 1998 unveiling of the iMac. Continue Reading

DIRTY WEEKEND Releases Clip with Matthew Broderick & Alice Eve


DIRTY WEEKEND CLIP (Video) – Here’s a new clip from the upcoming film, Dirty Weekend!

Matthew Broderick and Alice Eve stars as coworkers who are stuck in New Mexico during a layover on a business trip. With nothing to do and time to kill, the two bond while embarking on a strange adventure in the small town. Continue Reading

Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer Are Co-Writing a Comedy About Sisters


JENNIFER LAWRENCE & AMY SCHUMER COMEDY – During an interview this morning, Jennifer Lawrence mentioned that she is currently writing a comedy with Amy Schumer about sisters. The two ladies plan to play the leads in their upcoming project.

Although they’ve only met a couple months ago, Lawrence says she contacted Schumer after watching Trainwreck and ever since then, the two clicked and decided to work on a screenplay together. Continue Reading

New Poster for Ridley Scott’s THE MARTIAN with Matt Damon


THE MARTIAN POSTER (Photo) – The new poster for The Martian has an alluring yet daunting vibe…

Based on Andy Weir‘s self-published novel, the upcoming film centers on an astronaut (Matt Damon) who is left stranded on Mars during a routine mission. Continue Reading

SICARIO Reveals Stylish Poster with Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro & Josh Brolin


SICARIO POSTER (Photo) – Here’s a new poster for the upcoming crime thriller Sicario!

Emily Blunt stars as a FBI agent whose latest mission puts her in the borderland drug wars. As she sinks deeper into her work, she finds the line between corruption and justice being blurred. Continue Reading

Trailer for Star-Studded Ensemble Christmas Comedy LOVE THE COOPERS


LOVE THE COOPERS TRAILER (Video) – Spend your holidays with this giant cast of A-listers in Love the Coopers!

With Christmas Eve drawing near, the Cooper family reunites for their annual tradition, but nobody can predict how the eventful night will go. Continue Reading

Jason Mitchell to Play a Pilot in KONG: SKULL ISLAND


KONG: SKULL ISLAND CASTING – Straight outta Compton and into Kong: Skull IslandJason Mitchell is joining Straight Outta Compton co-star Corey Hawkins for the King Kong origin movie.

Mitchell has been making waves ever since his positively received performance as Eazy-E in the N.W.A biopic. Continue Reading

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