The More You Know: An Annotated Guide To GHOSTBUSTERS’ New Proton Pack


GHOSTBUSTERS ANNOTATED PROTON PACK (Video) –  Even though Ghostbusters isn’t due to be released for another year, Paul Feig is getting really excited! First he released the new uniforms that the team will wear, then the proton pack. Now he has released an annotated guide to the proton pack. Continue Reading

Andy Garcia & Michael K. Williams Have Joined The Cast Of GHOSTBUSTERS


GHOSTBUSTERS CASTING – The upcoming Ghostbusters remake has cast Oscar nominee Andy Garcia and Boardwalk Empire alum Michael K. Williams.

Garcia has been cast at the Mayor of New York and Williams will play a character named Hawkins. Also joining the cast will be Mike Walsh who plays press aide Mike McLintock in Veep. Continue Reading

SOUTHPAW Releases New Clip with Jake Gyllenhaal & Rachel McAdams


SOUTHPAW CLIP (Video) – The married couple gets in an argument in this new clip from Southpaw!

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Billy Hope, a boxer who had everything, but eventually loses it all after one tragic accident. After losing his daughter to Child Services, Billy tries repairing his own life, while preparing for an epic comeback in the ring. Continue Reading

Hauntingly Beautiful Fan Made Trailer For Netflix’s A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS


A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS FAN MADE TRAILER (Video) –  Back in November Netflix announced that they would be adapting Lemony Snicket‘s (Daniel Handler) best selling 13 volume book saga A Series of Unfortunate Events for the small screen. Continue Reading

Cara Delevingne Sneaks Into Nat Wolff’s Bedroom in PAPER TOWNS Clip


PAPER TOWNS CLIP (Video) – Paper Towns released a new clip today!

Based on the John Green novel, the romantic mystery follows Q (Nat Wolff) on an adventure with his friends to look for his missing neighbor (Cara Delevingne). Continue Reading



PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES STILLS (Photos) – If you’ve missed them over the weekend, here are four new stills from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

The horror comedy starts off with the Pride and Prejudice storyline, but set in a world where zombies roam the streets. Continue Reading

Paul Rudd Breaks Into a Safe in Marvel’s ANT-MAN


ANT-MAN CLIP (Video) – Here’s a new clip from Marvel’s Ant-Man!

Paul Rudd stars as Scott Lang, an ordinary man who finds Henry Pym’s (Michael Douglas) superhero suit and special formula, which he uses to become the second Ant-Man. The film will show Pym fighting crime in the 1960′s, and then it will flash forward to the present where Lang and Pym cross paths and eventually team up. Continue Reading

Amy Schumer Discusses Her New Comedy TRAINWRECK In A New Featurette


TRAINWRECK FEATURETTE WITH AMY SCHUMER (Video) – Get a closer look at Trainwreck with Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, and Judd Apatow.

The upcoming comedy stars Amy Schumer as Amy, a fun-loving girl who is totally not into love, relationships, and romance. Continue Reading

Katniss Everdeen Is Ready For War In The New Poster For THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY- PART 2


THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY- PART 2 KATNISS EVERDEEN POSTER (Photo) –  Jennifer Lawrence is ready for the fight of her life in her character poster for The Hunger Gamer: Mockingjay – Part 2! If you look closely at the red paint on her face, you will see the outline of the symbolic mockingjay. Continue Reading

Katherine Heigl Comes Out In The Trailer For JENNY’S WEDDING


JENNY’S WEDDING TRAILER (Video) – IFC has decide to release the first trailer for the upcoming dramedy Jenny’s Wedding.

Jenny is openly gay with everyone except her conservative family members. She finally decides to settle down with her girlfriend and start a family. Continue Reading

WHIH News Update On ANT-MAN’s Scott Lang


ANT-MAN VIRAL TEASER (Video) – Marvel has launched a Ant-Man viral video straight out of the MCU! The WHIH World News broadcast features a news segment that bridges the gap between the after math of the fight in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the July 17 release of Ant-Man. Continue Reading

Marisa Tomei Joins Season 2 Of EMPIRE As A Recurring Character


EMPIRE SEASON 2 CASTING – Fox’s latest hit Empire has added another high profile guest star to the cast! Oscar winner Marisa Tomei has signed on to be a recurring character for season 2. Tomei will play high maintenance Mimi Whiteman, a high venture capitalist who gets involved in the drama of the Lyon family. Continue Reading

8 Best Films with “America(n)” in the Title


8 BEST “AMERICA(N)” FILMS – In honor of 4th of July, we’ve compiled our favorite films with “America(n)” in the title! Although only a few of these films can be considered patriotic, they’re all great movies to watch!

1. American Pie

We kick off the list with the classic teen sex comedy, American Pie. Continue Reading