HONEYMOON Interviews with Rose Leslie, Harry Treadaway & Director Leigh Janiak

HONEYMOON INTERVIEWS (Videos) – The director and stars of the upcoming film Honeymoon sat down with ScreenSlam to discuss the characters, how they would deal with the situation in real life, and what makes this movie different from other horror films. Continue Reading

Poster for THE CONGRESS with Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel, Paul Giamatti & Jon Hamm

THE CONGRESS POSTER (Photo) – Animation collides with live-action in the new poster for The Congress.

Robin Wright stars as herself, an aging actor who is having a hard time finding work due to her reputation of being fickle. When she decides to sell her digital image to the studios for a large amount of money, Wright slowly realizes that she has rashly sold her image to be used in any way the studios want. Continue Reading

Charlie Hunnam to Star in Guy Ritchie’s KING ARTHUR

KING ARTHUR CASTINGCharlie Hunnam wins the crown as he is set to headline King Arthur. He will star as the titular character in the medieval film, which is rumored to be the first installment of a franchise. Hunnam is joined by his Pacific Rim co-star Idris Elba, who is playing his magical mentor. Elizabeth Olsen is also rumored to join the cast as the female lead. Continue Reading

Denzel Washington Gets Interrogated by Suspicious Cop in THE EQUALIZER Clip

THE EQUALIZER CLIP (Video) – In this clip from The Equalizer, a man who claims to be a cop interrogates Denzel Washington about an incident, but the more he talks, the more suspicious he seems.

Based on the 1980′s TV series, the film stars Washington as Robert McCall, a retired intelligence officer who becomes a vigilante to protect the helpless. Continue Reading

FOXCATCHER Releases New Trailer with Steve Carell, Channing Tatum & Mark Ruffalo

FOXCATCHER TEASER TRAILER 3 (Video) – The new teaser trailer for Foxcatcher is filled with uneasy tension…

Steve Carell stars as John du Pont, a multimillionaire who heavily supported amateur sports in the U.S. by donating money and building a training center for all athletes to use. Continue Reading

New Trailer for SEVENTH SON with Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes & Julianne Moore

SEVENTH SON TRAILER 2 (Video) – The new trailer for Seventh Son features more action, more monsters, and more thrills!

Set in the 18th century, the films stars Jeff Bridges as Master Gregory, a skilled Spook who fights against the Dark. Continue Reading

FRIENDS Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox & Lisa Kudrow Reunite on JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE

FRIENDS REUNION ON JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE (Video) – Last night on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel asked Jennifer Aniston to help reenact a scene from his Friends fan fiction. Kimmel reveals his replica of Monica’s apartment and even brings out Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to join in on the fun. Continue Reading

Ed Harris & Eva Longoria Share Thoughts on Immigration Laws in FRONTERA Premiere (Featurette)

FRONTERA FEATURETTE (Video) – The Landmark Theater hosted the premiere of Frontera, the drama that deals with the U.S. – Mexican immigration situation. In addition to talking about their characters and the themes, stars Ed Harris, Eva Longoria, and Amy Madigan shared their thoughts on what should be done to mitigate conflicts. Continue Reading

Documentary TO BE TAKEI Chronicles George Takei’s Journey to Stardom & Activism

TO BE TAKEI FEATURETTE (Video) – Actor and activist George Takei tells us his story in the upcoming documentary To Be Takei. As a Japanese-American, Takei faced many obstacles during his journey of making it in Hollywood. After landing the role as Sulu on Star Trek, he proved to the naysayers that he can break stereotypes and attain success. Continue Reading

THE NOVEMBER MAN Featurette with Pierce Brosnan, Olga Kurylenko & Luke Bracey

THE NOVEMBER MAN FEATURETTE (Video) – Here’s the new featurette for The November Man, the spy thriller starring Pierce Brosnan as a former agent who is forced back into action when his life is at stake. With cast interviews, on-set footage, and new scenes, the featurette also goes into details of each character. Continue Reading