Top 10 Most Disturbing Films

TOP 10 MOST DISTURBING FILMS – Have you ever been watching a movie and one scene just made you cringe into a ball of discomfort? How about a whole movie? The following is a list of movies that make you squirm, look away, or even exit the theater. Although some of them may be critically acclaimed, there are many scenes that are hard too stomach, which will most likely burn an image in your head and stay there forever. If you’re interested in knowing what these films are, keep reading, but beware of the spoilers that point out the uncomfortable and disgusting scenes. If you’re up for a challenge, watch all 10 for one horrifying marathon.


10. KIDS



The kids aren’t alright here in 1995’s Kids, written by Harmony Korine and directed by Larry Clark. Receiving an NC-17 rating, the controversial film centered on a group of sexually active teenagers in New York City, involved with drugs, STDs, and rape. The opening scene shows a 16-year-old boy pressuring a 12-year-old girl to lose her virginity to him. Another scene shows several young boys smoking marijuana and inhaling nitrous oxide, while watching skateboarding videos and sharing their sex stories in graphic detail. According to an interview with one of the smaller actors, the party scenes were unscripted, allowing the kids to get drunk and have fun while the cameras just kept rolling. Even though the film was surrounded by controversy, Roger Ebert gave it a very positive review, while others criticized the bias in gender roles. Nevertheless, Kids acts as a wake-up call to troubled youth who unknowingly cause harm to those around them.





Cue the uncomfortable silences for 1998’s Happiness. The drama follows several storylines that overlap at one time or another, focusing on various characters who all strive to be happy. The film also received a NC-17 rating, but was later released as unrated. Most of the controversy draws from Dylan Baker‘s character, Bill Maplewood, a happily married man who is also a pedophile. In the film, Bill drugs an 11-year-old boy during his a sleepover party and proceeds to sodomize him. Later on, he rapes another young boy by driving to his house after discovering he’s home alone. Again, film critic Roger Ebert was not fazed by the heavy sexual content, but instead praises writer and director Todd Solondz for exposing the unhappiness in real life. Happiness was also awarded the FIPRESCI Prize at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival and the cast received the National Board of Review award for best ensemble performance.

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  • Thelma Isaiah

    get the best kiddos movies on

  • Kristie

    Serbian film is def number 1, but where’s salo?

    • Sophie May Bradley

      A G R E E

  • Mike

    melancholie der engel, martyrs, salo, guinea pig, cannibal, last circus, dumplings. Great list good start keep rolling so much decent disturbing cinema out there.

    • 4BDNFalco .

      Guinea Pig was a very bloody movie, but I wouldn’t call it disturbing. A couple movies I was expecting were Cannibal Ferox, Deep River Savages, Eraserhead, The Beyond, and sue me for saying this, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Noah

    Where’s Salo?

  • Lior

    Melancholie Der Engel (The Angels’ Melancholy) should have been No. 1. Not even A Serbian Film is more disturbing. Salo should have been squeezed somewhere, maybe instead of Requiem For a Dream.