Tom Cruise Goes 1 Against 5 in this Fight Scene from JACK REACHER

JACK REACHER 5 VS 1 CLIP (Video) – Tom Cruise takes on five “punks” in a street fight in this new clip from Jack Reacher. He informs the leader of the pack that he only has to beat up three of them because the last two always run. He proves is correct once he punched a third guy in the nuts and breaks his knee. The action thriller also stars David Oyelowo, Richard Jenkins, Rosamund Pike and Robert Duvall.

PLOT: A city is thrown into chaos following a shooting that leaves five dead. What at first seems like a simple case to solve becomes complicated when the accused requests that Jack Reacher be put on the case.


  • US – December 21
  • UK – December 28
  • Australia & Germany – January 3


Watch the Jack Reacher clip below:

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