THE GIRL’S GUIDE TO DEPRAVITY’s Sally Golan Talks Dating Rules, Nude Scenes & Next Season (Exclusive Interview)

SALLY GOLAN THE GIRL’S GUIDE TO DEPRAVITY (Exclusive Interview) – The Girl’s Guide to Depravity stars Sally Golan as Lizzie, a lawyer who is out to find easy sex and even a couple of free drinks. As the first season of Girl’s Guide comes to an end, Sally took time out of her schedule to talk about the show, her own dating rule, nude scenes and her hopes for next season.

SC: The season finale is next week, what do you think your character’s main journey has been this season? What have they learned?

SG: Lizzie has finally allowed herself to potentially fall in love. She comes off as this overly confident, sassy woman, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. She was protecting her heart after her ex, Drew, broke it to pieces. Now, she has freed herself up to the idea of dating someone she actually respects. That is a big deal for her.

SC: For you, which is the best “rule” from GGTD?  Do you follow any of the rules personally? Do you have your own?

SG: This is a tough one to answer because I find all of the rules to be extremely hilarious. My favorite rule is “the best way to get over a guy is to get underneath another guy” simply because so many woman (and men) do that. But we all know it never fills the hole. If I followed these rules, I think I would be very alone. With tons of cats. I do have rules of my own and my number one rule is “never date a flake”. Boys – buck up and stick to the plans!

SC: What is the most difficult part of making an episode? Keeping your energy up, the love scenes…

SG: Trying to make the same thing funny over and over again is certainly a challenge. When you are on stage, you get an immediate response from an audience. On camera, it’s dead pan silence and sometimes you need to feed off the energy of a room to keep that scene going. A lot of this show is hugely about comedy. Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t funny at all!

SC: We always hear actors talk about love scenes being the most awkward scenes to shoot. Is it true for you?

SG: Yes and no. The first ever love scene was terrible for me because I had no idea what to expect and I felt super shy. After that, I remembered…it’s just acting! And it’s a chance to let my body tell a story as opposed to nailing a joke or a line. But yes…it is super awkward and there is nothing sexy about it.

SC: What sort of feelings did you have shooting the pilot of the series? Where you nervous about your first nude scene?

SG: You can’t think about the nude scenes all the time. In the end we are shooting a story about two best friends and their failed attempts at dating in Chicago. We focused more on making our characters loveable and the material relatable. The nude scenes are just a part of it all.  I was mostly nervous about being able to carry the show as the star as this is my first major series.

SC: Have you run into fans of the show in public? What do they ask you?

SG: Fans do reach out via email actually and they ask me “why were you blond in the show? you look better as a brunette”! And then I basically smile to myself agreeing wholeheartedly.

SC: What sort of experience do you hope the audience gets out of watching the show?

SG: They should laugh with us and at us and all the ridiculous things we go through. This is a comedy so if we make people laugh, that makes me feel like we did our job.

SC: Finally, what are your hopes for next season?

SG: I hope we get to see the relationship between Leo and Lizzie really take off but of course we should add some Drew drama in the mix since he is such an interesting character and allows for some great on-screen tension. More rules, more drama between the girls and more cute boys! LOL

Watch the preview for the season finale below: