Trailer for French Film SAMBA with Omar Sy & Charlotte Gainsbourg


SAMBA TRAILER (Video) – Here’s the trailer for the US release of the French film Samba!

Omar Sy stars as Samba, an immigrant from Senegal trying to make a life in France. When he meets Alice (Charlotte Gainsbourg), a good-natured immigration officer, the unlikely pair look to each other for strength and purpose. Continue Reading

Maika Monroe Joins INDEPENDENCE DAY 2


INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 CASTING – Independence Day 2 keeps on adding new cast members as Maika Monroe hops on the sequel in an unknown role.

Monroe recently starred in the horror film It Follows and is costarring alongside Chloë Grace Moretz in the sci-fi thriller The 5th Wave. Continue Reading

Bill Pullman & Judd Hirsch to Reprise Their Roles in INDEPENDENCE DAY 2


INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 CASTING – Two more of the original cast members are returning for Independence Day 2Bill Pullman and Judd Hirsch will reprise their roles as President Thomas J. Whitmore and Julius Levinson, respectively.

Pullman recently appeared in The Equalizer and Anarchy. Continue Reading

Travis Tope to Star in INDEPENDENCE DAY 2

travis tope banner photo

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 CASTING – Boardwalk Empire star Travis Tope is the latest actor to be cast in the upcoming Independence Day 2.

In addition to Boardwalk Empire, Tope also starred in the Jason Reitman-directed film, Men, Women, and Children and made guest appearances on Battle Creek and NCIS: Los Angeles earlier this year. Continue Reading

Vivica A. Fox Reprises Her Role in INDEPENDENCE DAY 2


INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 CASTING – Vivica A. Fox is set to return as Jasmine Dubrow for Independence Day 2.

Fox recently starred in SyFy’s Sharknado 2: The Second One.

The upcoming sci-fi adventure follows Steven Hiller’s son (Jessie Usher) in the wake of another alien invasion. Continue Reading

Charlotte Gainsbourg to Star in INDEPENDENCE DAY 2

charlotte gainsbourg banner photo

INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 CASTINGCharlotte Gainsbourg is the latest star casted in a lead role for the highly-anticipated film, Independence Day 2 .

Gainsbourg recently starred in Nymphomaniac with Shia LaBeouf, as well as the French drama 3 Hearts. Continue Reading

French Drama 3 HEARTS Releases Poster & 10 Stills with Benoît Poelvoorde & Charlotte Gainsbourg

3 Hearts Banner Photo

3 HEARTS POSTER AND STILLS (Photos) – Serendipitous love in the City of Lights turns into a love triangle in these latest stills for the upcoming French romantic drama 3 Hearts!

Benoît Poelvoorde stars as Marc, a man who misses his train to Paris from rural France. Continue Reading

Lars von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC Extended Director’s Cut Coming to Theaters!

NYMPHOMANIAC EXTENDED DIRECTOR’S CUT POSTER (Photo) – Hate him or love him, there’s no denying that director Lars von Trier makes films that makes audiences react strongly. His Nymphomaniac is returning to theaters with a singular extended director’s cut for a limited time! Continue Reading

Trailer for Lars von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC: VOLUME II

NYMPHOMANIAC: VOLUME II TRAILER (Video) – The trailer for Nymphomaniac: Volume II has arrived, and don’t worry, it’s safe for work – slightly.

The two-part erotic film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg as Joe, a sex addict who tells her whole life story to a stranger (Stellan Skarsgard) after he saves her. Continue Reading

Red Band Trailer for Lars von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC Doesn’t Hold Back (Very NSFW)

NYMPHOMANIAC RED BAND TRAILER (Video) – I’ve seen many red band trailers, but this one takes all the cakes. Lars von Trier is no stranger to pushing boundaries and in this new trailer for Nymphomaniac, everything is shown. Please beware that there is nudity, fellatio, fluids, sex, and more packed into this 2-minute video. Continue Reading

Naked Cast of NYMPHOMANIAC Reveal Their “O” Faces with Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman & More (NSFW)

NYMPHOMANIAC CHARACTER POSTERS (Photos) – Should this be the new standard for all character posters for every single movie? Probably not, but these erotic posters are fitting for Lars von Trier‘s upcoming drama Nymphomaniac. Split into two parts, the film focuses on a nymphomaniac (Charlotte Gainsbourg) who tells her whole life story to her rescuer (Stellan Skarsgard). Continue Reading

New NYMPHOMANIAC Trailer with Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman & More (SFW-ish)

NYMPHOMANIAC TRAILER (Video) – After its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, Nymphomaniac has released a SFW-ish trailer for its upcoming release in theaters.

The two-part erotic film star Charlotte Gainsbourg as Joe, a sex addict who tells her whole life story to a stranger (Stellan Skarsgard) after he saves her. Continue Reading

Shia LaBeouf “Studies” Charlotte Gainsbourg in NYMPHOMANIAC Poster

NYMPHOMANIAC POSTER (Photo) – Nymphomaniac has been causing quite a stir since the first day of development, and it seems they aren’t slowing down. In the latest poster, Charlotte Gainsbourg looks to be enjoying a book, while she spreads her legs for Shia LaBeouf to explore. Continue Reading

Lars von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC Sets Release Dates for Both Parts

NYMPHOMANIAC SETS RELEASE DATES – With a running time at four hours (director’s cut is 5 and a half hours), Nymphomaniac will be released in two parts, but its release dates will only be a month apart. The first part features Charlotte Gainsbourg‘s character recounting her sexual adventures as a teenager up until a young adult, while the second part will focus more on her adulthood. Continue Reading

Lars von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC Reveals a Seductive Teaser Trailer

NYMPHOMANIAC TEASER (Video) – Controversial filmmaker Lars von Trier has been busy with his newest film Nymphomaniac. The film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg as Joe, a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who recounts her life story to a man (Stellan Skarsgärd) who rescues her after being beaten in an alley. Continue Reading