Ryan Reynolds Says Studio is Reluctant to Make a Hard-R DEADPOOL Movie

DEADPOOL UPDATE – While talking to Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone for The Croods, HeyUGuys asked the actors about their different comic book universes. Stone talked about how she loves The Amazing Spider-Man 2 script but the interesting part is what Reynolds had to say about Deadpool. “It’s up to the studio,” Reynolds said. “The studio I think is reluctant to pull the trigger on such a hard Rated-R script. Then the guys who wrote it and the producers won’t make it unless it’s that hard and, you know, raunchy.”

The movie already has a director and script. Now it just needs Fox to have some balls and make the damn movie.

Last year Reynolds said that the Deadpool movie would have no connection to the character that was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and that the budget would have to be “down enough where you can afford to take big risks and do most things that superhero movies can’t do yet.”

(Update: Ryan talks about the script and the Wolverine connection HERE)

Source: HeyUGuys

Watch the interview below (Skip to the 4:18 mark):

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  • Tobias Andersen

    fuck… same deal with the bioshock movie…
    damn studios… trying to make every movie safe for every age-group to make more profits…

    we need to kickstart this shit..

    • James Roseman

      Im kinda glad the bioshock movie fell through. Id rather have a prequel game than a movie. Besides now i dont have to worry about them ruining it.

    • Brandon

      Kickstart….KICKSTART!!! Oh, my GOD, fucking genius!! Why the hell not? We all want a Deadpool movie. We all want it to be sick, twisted, and raunchy. EVERY NERD would pay out the wazoo, considering the attention the game has recieved, and how there are around a hundred of him prancing around Comicon doing things like molesting ice cream and licking children.

      It’s perfect.

  • Lyle Dick

    If they’re still serious about doing it with a slightly lower budget than other modern superhero movies, they need to get this thing on kickstarter – half of the entire Internet would fall all over itself to throw money at a rated R Deadpool movie that literally owed the fans a favor.

    • Richard Anderson

      Absolutely agree!

      Deadpool would be nothing without the raunch and ultra-violence. Trying to tame the big-D would be like trying to teach a lion to only eat tofu… it is probably do-able but the result would be tragic.

      • Brandon

        I don’t think it’d be doable. Wilson’ll reach through the fourth wall and strangle the producers.

    • Peter Thompson

      A lower budget superhero movie could still be like $50-100 million dollars too much for a Kickstarter.

    • Peter Thompson

      A lower budget superhero movie could still be like $50-100 million dollars too much for a Kickstarter.

      • Optimistic Prime

        Tell that to “District 9.”

    • Advs in Poor Taste

      Might as well start by getting our voices heard and joining the “Make the Deadpool Movie Rated-R” movement:

  • bfg666

    They already watered down Wolvie, are they gonna water down every badass character they have? What next, a Punisher/Carebears crossover?

  • sudzio

    by the way Emma is telling about Spider-man 2, I think it will be crap

  • Optimistic Prime

    FOX is filled with morons that don’t know how to actually market films.
    Deadpool has become what Lobo was in the 90s: A phenomenon. The fact that he IS so violent and morally horrid is why people love him. “300″ shows that when sold correctly, an R rated comic film can make gangbusters. FOX never has any idea what they are doing.

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  • Marco Chaudry

    Fuckin’ ridiculous, even though Reynolds did a pretty good job at playing Hal Jordan in Green Lantern, he should have been saved for Deadpool when the time was right. If anything Ryan Gosling should have been Hal Jordan, not they’re going to have to make Gosling Deadpool instead XD

    • ZakkAttak

      Did u really just say Ryan gosling should play deadpool? Wow just wow.

  • minoconnor

    A hardcore, raunchy, violent Deadpool? Sure, what could go wrong?(Watchmen, Punisher War Zone, Dredd 3D, Ghostrider2.)

    • superspy6

      Dredd and Watchmen were good! Dredd especially!

  • Király Béla

    Seriously what the studio expect? I mean, you can’t make a Deadpool movie, which isn’t R rated. Deadpool himself is R rated. I don’t understand why do they think R rated movies are so bad. Anytime I go to the movie, the vast majority of the crowd in the movie are adults. You can’t make all the movies for the children.

  • Kyle

    I think they should considering they buthcered DeadPool in that shitty Wolverine movie which wasn’t even FUCKING CLOSE to the original origin story. They made D-Pool look like fucking Baraka from Mortal-Kombat!!

  • Aphorism

    One word: Blade.

    It’s possible to have a marvel R-Rated comic movie be successful. People would go if it wasn’t a shitshow. The problem isn’t the character…It’s the actor. Personally I’m a fan but this past month is showing that He just doesn’t do well outside of lower-budgeted comedies with most audiences.

  • Thanos

    I saw an awful test for this film. Cgi suit. It looked terrible. Can’t imagine the studio would want to make it after seeing it. You need a guy in a “real” suit… ok!