New Poster Released for Rodney Ascher’s ROOM 237

NEW POSTER FOR ROOM 237– A new poster has been released today for Rodney Ascher‘s, Room 237. One of the greatest psychological thrillers of all time, The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick, will become the center of attention in Ascher’s documentary, revealing several  subtleties within the film.  The poster features an illustration of a little boy playing with toys on the ground that has a pattern similar to the one the child plays on in The Shining, with the tagline inserted below.  In the documentary, Ascher will make several analyses of multiple scenes and moments from The Shining, which have puzzled audiences for years.

SOURCE: Empire Magazine

PLOT: A subjective documentary that explores the numerous theories about the hidden meanings within Stanley Kubrick’s film The Shining.



  • US- January 23 (Sundance Film Festival) , September 20 (Fantastic Fest) & October 4 (New York Film Festival)
  • UK- October 26
  • Germany- September 29
  • Australia- August 2, 2012



See the poster below:



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