Kristen Stewart, Sam Riley & Garrett Hedlund’s ON THE ROAD Interview; Part 3 of 5 (Exclusive)

ON THE ROAD KRISTEN SAM GARRETT INTERVIEW (Video) – The cast for On The Road continues their interview with Screenslam as Kristen Stewert talks about the difficulty of being able to relate with her character’s personality as Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley give praise to director, Walter Sallus. Stewert also notes that she never once has to think about her role, improvising came simply.

“She’s got a nearly opposite energy to me. She’s insanely brave and I feel that I’m not quite as much as her.” – Kristen Stewert

“You just try and be somebody that radiates life and isn’t afraid to live, doesn’t say no too often. Isn’t afraid to say yea, but isn’t afraid to say no.” – Garrett Hedlund

“I don’t think there’s a director that could have done it the same way Walter did it. He was so immersed, I think he invested so much of himself and his life into understanding these people.” – Sam Riley

Watch part 3 of their interview below:


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