Joss Whedon Avenges the Milkman in a Short Written by a Five-Year Old Kid

JOSS WHEDON SCARY SMASH (Video) – After the success of The Avengers, I’m sure director Joss Whedon had everyone beating down his door. What I didn’t expect is that Joss would choose a short written by a five-year-old boy named Brett Baligad as his next project. Joss doesn’t direct this monster movie but he stars as the lead captain in a S.Q.U.A.T. team (yes, that is spelled correctly). His mission is to stop a giant red monster who has just killed the milkman. Here is the kicker, he only has a sword, shield, gun, and smaller gun to do it in 7 days. The drama!

SOURCE: Collider

Watch the fun short, making-of, and casting videos below:

Pictures below:

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