Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says his LOOPER Character is Nothing Like Himself

LOOPER JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT MOVIE INTERVIEWJoseph Gordon-Levitt talked to MTV’s Movies Blog about his role in Looper. The trailer for the sci-fi movie released online last week to high praise.

From that little trailer, you can hardly get it. They wanted to make a big, banging action movie trailer, which is accurate because it is a big, banging action movie. But when you actually see the movie and you really get a sense of what those prosthetics look like, I’m really excited for people to see this character because it’s just nothing like me. That’s my favorite thing as an actor, to create a character that’s other than myself. – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The actor had a little more to say about his Looper director Rian Johnson, who he worked with before on the movie Brick. Click on over to MTV’s Movies Blog to read the full interview.

Watch the Rian Johnson Commentary Trailer HERE


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