Johnny Depp & Tim Burton Talk About Being an Old Married Couple in DARK SHADOWS (Exclusive)

DARK SHADOWS JOHNNY DEPP TIM BURTON (Video) – We had an exclusive sit down interview with director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp about their latest collaboration, Dark Shadows. Burton talked about Depp and his relationship as being “like an old married couple.”

“It’s like each time out of the gates its feels like the first time we’re doing it because everything is so fresh.” – Johnny Depp

“Films are funny because it’s such a weird thing to happen… so it’s does feel that way anyway and that’s important because you want it to feel like that.” – Tim Burton

Watch the video below:

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  • Mary Newton

    this movie is awesome!!!  Johnny depp is the best  most talented actor on the planet
    he is fantastic and gorgeous  even as a vampire hes adorable!!! love the depp

  • Lch007

    I really enjoyed the movie. Makes me wanna become a vampire and live with him for all of eternity!!