Find Out What Horror Movie Villain Has the Biggest Kill Count

TOP 10 HORROR VILLAINS – Have you ever wondered which villain holds the most kills in horror movie history?  Well here is your list because we are counting down the top 10 deadliest horror movie villains.  See where Candyman ranks against Freddy Krueger or Jigsaw against Chucky.


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  • ted

    Wow very original list!

  • Andrew Arnold

    Where’s The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers?

  • Phil

    You can’t compare kill counts from villains with a different number of movies under their belts. For example, at 9 kills for 1 movie extrapolated over 13 films (to compare with Jason), Pennywise’s total would come to 117. Looking at it that way changes things. This list is flawed.

  • Oniönhead

    Jigsaw isn’t exactly a doll, now is he?

  • Oniönhead

    Freddy’s shirt isn’t red-and-gray-striped, it’s red-and-GREEN-striped. O knew this before even seeing an Elm Street movie.

  • Julien Honaker

    Where are the Xenomorphs on here, they have killed countless beings!

    • Max

      I figured that this was focusing on single characters, not a species like the Aliens or the Predators. If that was the case then they would top it all.

  • Dana Becker

    Not a demon, but an Alien entity

  • The real point is

    Actually I believe Pinhead’s count is MUCH higher… didn’t he seal off a crowded bar and tear apart everyone in it during one of the movies (2 I think)? Had to be dozens in that room alone.

    • Mrs. Anthony

      very true

  • Jenny Michelle Anthony

    This is in no way right and you can’t even count the 1st and 6th movie i believe because jason wansn’t even the killer but hey im not counting just keep up the killing lol may horror stay strong

  • aliendreams

    NO!!!!! Pennywise was the creepiest because you NEVER saw him do anything at all. Our imaginations are so much more profound than sitting in a theatre watching someone hack another person the death.