George Romero’s EMPIRE OF THE DEAD Heading to TV

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EMPIRE OF THE DEAD DEVELOPMENT George Romero‘s Marvel comic Empire of the Dead is getting a TV makeover!

A master of the zombie genre, Romero is developing a TV series based on his series. First launched back in January 2014, the 15-issue miniseries is a continuation of the world in his films including Night of the Living Dead

The best part is Romero will be in charge of writing the series, but he will be working alongside Peter Grunwald. Continue Reading

Reese Witherspoon to Star as Tinkerbell in Disney’s Live-Action TINK


TINK CASTING – Still in development, Disney’s live-action Tink has chosen Reese Witherspoon to produce and star!

Witherspoon recently starred alongside Sofía Vergara in the comedy Hot Pursuit.

Another project in Disney’s plan for live-action adaptations, the film follows the adventures of Peter Pan’s playful fairy, Tinkerbell. Continue Reading

Red Band Trailer for DOPE with Intro from A$AP Rocky


DOPE RED BAND TRAILER (Video) – Here’s the red band trailer for Dope!

The upcoming film stars Shameik Moore as Malcolm, a geek surrounded by gangsters and drug dealers in the city of Inglewood. Finishing up his senior year and preparing for college, Malcolm is invited to a huge party that takes him and his friends through LA for a dangerous yet fun-filled adventure. Continue Reading

Gabrielle Union Joins Jamie Foxx in Action Thriller SLEEPLESS NIGHT


SLEEPLESS NIGHT CASTING – Gabrielle Union joins the cast of the upcoming remake Sleepless Night.

Union recently starred in comedies Think Like a Man Too and Top Five.

The action thriller stars Jamie Foxx as Vincent Downs, a shady cop who steals a package of cocaine from drug dealers. Continue Reading

Samuel L. Jackson Interrogates Jessica Alba in BARELY LETHAL Clip


BARELY LETHAL CLIP (Video) – Here’s a new clip from Barely Lethal!

The action comedy stars Hailee Steinfeld as Megan, an international assassin who’s done hundreds of assignments despite being only 16 years old. However, Megan wants to be live a normal teenage life, so she fakes her own death to attend high school. Continue Reading

Channing Tatum Tweets New Poster for MAGIC MIKE XXL


MAGIC MIKE XXL POSTER (Photo) – The abs are out on this new poster for Magic Mike XXL!

Set three years after the first film, the sequel follows stripper Mike (Channing Tatum) as he and his buddies decide to reunite for one last final performance in Myrtle Beach. Continue Reading

ENTOURAGE Releases Featurette with Original Cast & New Cameos!


ENTOURAGE ‘CAST’ FEATURETTE (Video) – A new featurette for Entourage shows off the extensive cast, including a bunch of old and new cameos mingling with the boys!

Continuing from where the series left off, the film follows movie star Vincent Chase and his entourage as they get into more shenanigans in LA, while trying to finish a big-budget film. Continue Reading

Controversial Documentary AN OPEN SECRET Explores Hollywood’s Teen Sexual Abuse


AN OPEN SECRET TRAILER (Video) – The curtains are pulled back in the upcoming eye-opening documentary An Open Secret.

Claimed by the producers as “the film that Hollywood doesn’t want you to see,” the documentary investigates the common yet hidden problems involving sexual abuse among teen actors in the industry. Continue Reading

Two New Clips from SPY with Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham & Allison Janney


SPY CLIPS (Videos) – Two more clips from the upcoming action-comedy Spy have arrived!

Melissa McCarthy stars as Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst who must go into the field for the first time and infiltrate the dangerous world of a ruthless arms dealer. Continue Reading