Video Game WATCH DOGS Being Developed Into Feature Film

WATCH DOGS DEVELOPMENT – Now that all the comic books are being made into films, it’s time to look to video games. With Assassin’s Creed and Warcraft on the way, Sony Pictures is developing Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. Although the video game hasn’t even been released yet, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the minds behind Zombieland, have been chosen to provide the script. Continue Reading

First Image from the Set of WARCRAFT with Director Duncan Jones

WARCRAFT ON-SET PIC (Photo) – Filming for Warcraft started several months ago, but we finally got the first photo from the set. Director Duncan Jones looks on as his cast prepares for the scene.

Based on the popular video game series, the upcoming film centers on the first meeting between the humans and the orcs. Continue Reading

Mark Strong to Play Sacha Baron Cohen’s Brother in GRIMSBY

GRIMSBY CASTINGSacha Baron Cohen has found his brother in Mark Strong in the upcoming spy comedy Grimsby. Strong will play a British black ops agent who teams up with his soccer fan brother, played by Cohen.

Strong is starring in the upcoming films Before I Go to Sleep with Nicole Kidman, The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch, and the educational documentary film Unity. Continue Reading


JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS POSTER (Photo) – Although Jem and the Holograms just started filming, the upcoming movie has already released the first poster featuring the girl rock band.

Based on the mid-1980′s animated TV series, the film centers on Jerrica Benton, the owner of a music company who lives a secret life as Jem, the pink-haired lead singer of “Jem and the Holograms.” She and her bandmates, who are also her sisters, rock out together, but also find themselves in miscellaneous adventures that test their strength, intelligence, and friendship. Continue Reading

Amanda Seyfried Joins Hugh Jackman & Rooney Mara in PAN

PAN CASTING AMANDA SEYFRIED - Amanda Seyfried is headed to Neverland as she joins the cast of Pan. The upcoming film follows the orphan Peter as he is kidnapped by pirates and taken to Neverland.

Seyfried is starring in the upcoming films A Million Ways to Die in the West and While We’re Young. Continue Reading

Three Clips from WALK OF SHAME with Elizabeth Banks, Gillian Jacobs & Sarah Wright

WALK OF SHAME CLIPS (Videos) – Walk of Shame released three new clips from the upcoming comedy. Elizabeth Banks keeps finding herself in awkward situations, but if you’re walking around the city with a tight dress on, that can happen.

Banks stars as Meghan Miles, a news reporter who starts her night off at a nightclub with her rowdy friends. Continue Reading

An Evil Spirit Imprisons a Girl in JESSABELLE Trailer

JESSABELLE TRAILER (Video) – The trailer for Jessabelle has arrived, and it’s going to discourage you from ever being alone.

The upcoming horror film follows a young girl named Jessie (Sarah Snook) who becomes depressed after she loses her fiancé in a car accident. Continue Reading

New Trailer for SEX TAPE with Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz & Rob Lowe

SEX TAPE TRAILER (Video) – Here’s a new SFW trailer for Sex Tape, but don’t let the green band fool you. There’s still plenty of skin and raunchiness going on!

Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz stars as Jay and Annie, an ordinary couple who decide to spice up their sex life by filming themselves during “special night.” However, the video that was meant to be deleted right after is instead shared via the cloud, putting the recording in the hands of friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers. Continue Reading

THE QUIET ONES Red Carpet Interviews with Sam Claflin, Olivia Cooke & More

THE QUIET ONES RED CARPET PREMIERE INTERVIEWS (Videos) – The Los Angeles Ace Hotel rolled out its red carpet for the first time since its renovation for the premiere of The Quiet Ones. Star Sam Claflin and his co-stars talked about their characters, scaring each other on set, and their favorite horror films. Continue Reading