Chris Pratt Does His Best Jason Statham Impression in Cut SNL Skit


JASON STEAKUMS CUT SNL AD (Video) –  Back in September Chris Pratt hosted the first episode of Saturday Night Live‘s season 40. Sadly, one of his skits titled Jason Statham AD was ultimately cut for time. In the sketch, Pratt plays Jason Statham who is promoting his popular snack food Jason Steakums! Continue Reading

Teaser Trailer For SNOWDEN Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt


SNOWDEN TEASER TRAILER (Video) – Open Road Films has released the teaser trailer for Oliver Stone’s upcoming film Snowden.

Based on the books “The Snowden Files” and “Time of the Octopus”, the film centers on Edward Snowden (Gordon-Levitt) trying to get asylum in Russia, while the US government tries to bring him back to face prison. Continue Reading



NBC HEROES REBORN CHARACTER POSTERS (Photos) – Yesterday NBC released the first round of character posters from Heroes Reborn, featuring Francesca Eastwood and Ryan Guzman. Today, they revealed the second round of character posters! This time its HRG (Jack Coleman) and Malina (Danika Yarosh). Continue Reading

ANT-MAN Red Carpet Premiere With Paul Rudd, Stan Lee & More!


ANT-MAN PREMIERE (Photos) – Last night was the world premiere for Marvel’s Ant-Man! The entire cast was in attendance including the one who started it all: Stan Lee. The premiere took place at the Dolby Theater and it looks like it was a pretty epic night. Continue Reading

Paul Feig Has Made Another Big Reveal For GHOSTBUSTERS!


GHOSTBUSTERS REBOOT PROTON PACK (Photo) – Following yesterdays big reveal of the updated costume for his upcoming all female Ghostbusters remake, Paul Feig decided to reveal another image from the set. On his Twitter page, he posted the new and improved Proton Pack! Continue Reading

STAR TREK 3’s Official Title Will Be STAR TREK BEYOND


STAR TREK 3 TITLE (Phot0) – The latest installment of the Star Trek franchise will be called Stark Trek Beyond! Justin Lin took to Twitter to share the news. In addition to releasing the official film title, he also released a new photo. Continue Reading

MINIONS Red Carpet Premiere Interviews With Sandra Bullock & Jon Hamm!


MINIONS US WORLD PREMIERE INTERVIEWS (Videos) – Check out the red carpet interviews for Minions with Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm! You’ll even be able to see what happened when Bullock and Hamm met the adorable (yet mischievous) minions.

Since the dawn of Earth, Minions have been serving evil masters, but due to their lack of intelligence, they have also caused each one’s demise. Continue Reading

Is the Set of SUICIDE SQUAD So Dark They Need A Therapist?


SUICIDE SQUAD SET THERAPIST – Apparently the set of Suicide Squad is so dark, that director David Ayer had to hire an on-set “therapist” to stop actors from getting too into character!

Ayer is all about realism, but he doesn’t want his actors to go off the deep end so to speak.”So if your character is tormented, he wants you to torment yourself. Continue Reading

An Emotional Look at The Life of Chris Farley In The Trailer For I AM CHRIS FARELY


I AM CHRIS FARLEY TRAILER (Video) – Take a look inside of Chris Farley‘s life. I Am Chris Farley features heartbreak and a whole lot of laughs!

I Am Chris Farley is an oral history of the late comedians life. His fellow Saturday Night Live cast mates come together to discuss all of the things that they loved about Farley. Continue Reading

Tonight TEEN WOLF Returns for Season 5!


TEEN WOLF SEASON 5 PREMIERE (Videos) – Tonight is the night! After months of anticipation, the acclaimed MTV series Teen Wolf finally returns and thats not all. This seasons premiere has two parts. The second half will premiere tomorrow as an introduction to the new show Scream: The TV Series. Continue Reading

The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Sequel Has An Official Title!


GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY SEQUEL TITLE – After much fan speculation, the official title for the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel has been revealed. The heavily anticipated follow up will be called Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

“Yes, the official title of the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Continue Reading

Amy Winehouse Adds A Bit Of Soul To “Happy Birthday” In A Clip From AMY



AMY ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ CLIP (Video) – Watch a teenage Amy Winehouse crush the song “Happy Birthday” in a new clip from the documentary Amy.

The upcoming documentary chronicles the life and career of the late English singer Amy Winehouse from her rise to superstardom to her personal struggles with drugs. Continue Reading

Dolby Theatre: TERMINATOR: GENISYS Red Capret Premiere Photos With Emilia Clarke, Arnold Schwarzenegger & More!


TERMINATOR: GENISYS LOS ANGELES PREMIERE (Photos) – The premiere for the Paramount and Skydance Productions’ Terminator: Genisys took place this past weekend at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Walk the red carpet (figuratively speaking) with the cast of the latest installment of the Terminator franchisee! Continue Reading