Everybody’s Somebody’s Duff In #4 Trailer For THE DUFF


THE DUFF TRAILER (Video) – The DUFF releases their #4 trailer for the new upcoming comedy.

Based on the 2010 novel by Kody Keplinger, the film stars Mae Whitman as Bianca, an ordinary girl in high school who learns that the whole school calls her “The DUFF” aka the Designated Ugly, Fat Friend.” Hurt and ready for a change, Bianca asks Wesley (Robbie Amell), a “charming jock”, for help in transforming her to the hottest girl at school in order to overthrow the cruel Madison (Bella Thorne). Continue Reading



KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE BAR FIGHT (Video) – The clips keep on coming from Kingsman: The Secret Service , in this latest installment Colin Firth’s Kingsman meets his nemesis, Samuel L. Jackson’s Richard Valentine, for the first time.

Based on the comic by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, the upcoming spy thriller stars Colin Firth as a British secret agent who recruits a rebellious kid (Taron Egerton) to become a new agent in a super-secret spy organization, just in time to stop the evil schemes of a tech genius. Continue Reading

21st Screen Actors Guild Award Winners


21ST SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS – Sunday night the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition were held.

Aactors make up the largest portion of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the SAG Awards are considered one of the most telling Oscar previews, with the obvious upset being ‘Birdman’ taking out  best ensemble cast,Individual acting winners usually mirror each other exactly, or very nearly. Continue Reading

Mads Mikkelson In Western Drama THE SALVATION (Trailer)


THE SALVATION TRAILER (Video) – Mads Mikkelson in The Salvation.

When Danish ex-soldier (Mads Mikkelsen) hunts for scoundrels who killed his wife and son,the wrath of a sadistic gang leader hell-bent on hunting him down incurs. Exploding with eye-popping action, dazzlingly dramatic frontier landscapes, and a smoldering performance by Eva Green, The Salvation is a rip-roaring, blood-spattered saga of sin and redemption. Continue Reading

THE WALKING DEAD’s Lauren Cohan to Headline Horror Film THE BOY


THE BOY CASTING – Maggie is about to get herself into another scary situation in The Boy.

Lauren Cohan is set to star in the upcoming horror film as a babysitter who is looking after a couple’s baby. However, the baby is actually just a doll, but the couple has been raising it as a real child in order to cope with their young son’s death. Initially weirded out by the whole situation, the babysitter begins to suspect the doll might actually be alive…

Cohan is currently starring on season five of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Continue Reading

Jessica Chastain on Critics’ Choice MVP Award, Achieving Her Dreams & Style Inspirations (Interview)


JESSICA CHASTAIN ‘A MOST VIOLENT YEAR’ INTERVIEW (Video) – Winner of the first Critics’ Choice MVP Award, Jessica Chastain opened up about her career and her personal life in this exclusive interview for A Most Violent Year.

“[Being an actress] was always my dream, but I would’ve been happy doing off-Broadway theater for $300 a week as long as I could pay my rent and had enough money to eat… I never dreaming about or demanding that I had the kind of success that I have now.

Continue Reading