10 Star Actors Who Were Badly Injured on Movie Sets

10 MOVIE SET INJURIES – When actors say that they did their own stunts, most of the time it is not true. The reason being is that they are insured by insurance companies that will not cover the actors’ injuries if they do dangerous things while making a movie. Even the great Jackie Chan ran into this on the set of Rush Hour, when he was told he couldn’t jump from a tree to a nearby window because the insurance companies wouldn’t allow it. (Chan in fact did the stunt anyway when the cameras were rolling).  Unfortunately, no matter how safe they try to make movie sets, accidents still happen. From gun blanks destroying Bruce Willis‘ hearing to hot water nearly burning off Channing Tatum‘s manhood, we made a list of 10 star actors that really were badly injured on movie sets. Some of the injuries are so bad that one actor had to have brain surgery and another contemplated suicide.


Start with Halle Berry below:

Halle Berry’s Arm

GOTHIKA (2003)

Halle Berry had her arm broken by Gothika co-star Robert Downey Jr. while shooting a scene for the thriller. In the scene, Downey Jr. was suppose to hold down Berry in a mental ward.  However, as Berry struggled, Robert Downey Jr. said he felt a pop and knew it wasn’t good. Although the break was an accident, the actresses didn’t seem to be to happy with the carelessness of her co-star.

“It wasn’t like I was trying to fall 50 feet and just fell wrong or did something crazy. I was shooting a scene with Robert and he grabbed my arm the wrong way and broke it,” she said.

When Downey Jr. was later asked about Berry still being mad at him because of the incident he said, “It was an accident, I’m sorry if she’s still upset.”


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  • http://profiles.google.com/keithdtyler Keith Tyler

    YF Viggo Mortensen in Lord of the Rings, and Burt Reynolds in City Heat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Lal1991 Larry Steven

    What about Jim Caviezel for Passion of the Christ?

  • Dave Strider

    I warned you ’bout the stairs, bro

  • Junk Horder

    incomplete without Malcolm McDowell who got a scratched cornea during the Ludovico scene and was temporarily blinded in that eye, and also broke some ribs during the fight scene…. and for the kicker toss in some mental trauma for having to deal with the pet snake (which wasnt part of the book) since he was reportedly terrified by snakes.
    and still managed to turn out a better performance than *nearly* everyone in this list.

    • Admin

      Great fact. If we would have know about it, it would have made the list.

  • kg

    I think the biggest one you missed was Jason Lee (bruce lee’s son) being shot to death accidentally on the set of the crow!!!!

    • Stev

      Vic Morrow – decapitated by helicopter rotor blades (along with two child actors) on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie.

      • will no

        Holy shit.

    • D3ADP00L

      Actually that was Brandon Lee – Jason Lee is My Name is Earl :-/
      It’s also in the section of ‘on stage movie deaths’ and not just injuries.

      • Erik Baran

        They were injured so severely they died.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gabriel.markovicz Gabriel Markovicz

      1. This list is about injuries, not deaths.

      2. His name is Brandon, not Jason.

    • war

      thats a death on injury

    • war

      ur a dickhead!

    • whistlelover92 .

      but that’s not an injury, the actor died.

    • Alice ShouHiro

      this is about injuries, they survived, not deaths.

    • Erik Baran

      Ummm, that would be Brandon Lee. lol

    • Keith Desautels

      I think the biggest thing you missed, was that bruce lee’s son was named brandon not Jason.. lol

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  • calciferboheme

    What about Noah Hathaway? That kid got roughed up bad while filming The Neverending Story.

  • derzemel

    wohoooo…. Danny “MEGASKILL” MacAskill…now I am interested in Premium Rush 😀

  • danski

    What about Sylvester Stallone having his ribs broken by Dolph Lundgren in rocky 4?

  • threenorns

    if you want to leave the hollywood sphere, one of, if not “the” greatest bollywood actor is amitabh bachchan. the movie “coolie” is really good, even if you’ve only watched western cinema, well-deserving its performance as a box-office smash hit overseas. it was something like the 2nd or 3rd bollywood movie i ever watched and the entrance he makes (stalking along the roof of the building with a falcon on his arm: http://youtu.be/Orc3AZu2IL0 ) is one of my favourites. he carries it off so well bec unlike most indians, he’s six foot two.

    from the wiki:

    1982 injury while filming Coolie

    On 26 July 1982, while filming Coolie in the University Campus in Bangalore, Bachchan suffered a near fatal intestinal injury during the filming of a fight scene with co-actor Puneet Issar.[23] Bachchan was performing his own stunts in the film and one scene required him to fall onto a table and then on the ground. However as he jumped towards the table, the corner of the table struck his abdomen, resulting in a splenic rupture from which he lost a significant amount of blood. He required an emergency splenectomy and remained critically ill in hospital for many months, at times close to death. The public response included prayers in temples and offers to sacrifice limbs to save him, while later, there were long queues of well-wishing fans outside the hospital where he was recuperating.[24]

    Nevertheless, he spent many months recovering and resumed filming later that year after a long period of recuperation. The film was released in 1983, and partly due to the huge publicity of Bachchan’s accident, the film was a box office success and the top grossing film that year.[25]

    The director, Manmohan Desai, altered the ending of Coolie after Bachchan’s accident. Bachchan’s character was originally intended to have been killed off but after the change of script, the character lived in the end. It would have been inappropriate, said Desai, for the man who had just fended off death in real life to be killed on screen. Also, in the released film the footage of the fight scene is frozen at the critical moment, and a caption appears onscreen marking this as the instant of the actor’s injury and the ensuing publicity of the accident.[26]

  • tman418

    Dude, forget Jackie Chan breaking his foot. He once had a brain hemmorage in one of his 80s films from China. He tried to jump and grab a tree branch, missed it, and busted his head open.

    • http://www.facebook.com/james.white.359126 James White

      Actually he mentioned both and Jackie Chan’s brain injury is listed on this page so read the full article before making a comment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sandra.christou Sandra Christou

    Michelle Yeoh injured herself seriously during the filming of Ah Kam (1996) in a stunt which can be seen over the end credits. She is hot and tough…

  • thatguy

    Clooney injured his brain on Syriana, not his back.

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  • http://twitter.com/smellytailor Dan is Rad

    daniel radcliffe got knocked unconscious during the filming of harry potter deathly hallows part 1, it wasn’t anything major though, dan was carrying a wooden chair holding off a stuntman holding a stick with a boxing glove at the end when the stuntman knocked the chair straight into dan’s face, and according to dan, he ‘went down like a boxer’, and he was so proud of that moment.

  • Roxtaf

    Interresting list. But, small sidenote: Have you even seen troy ? No dont answer, you cant have. Boagrius is not a Trojan, he is a Thessalian. Takes less then 30 seconds to find out, even if you havent seen Troy. Via Google>Wikipedia(Troy (film)), Text search on Boagrius and presto

  • ladyofargonne

    Jeffrey Hunter. The original Capt Pike from Star Trek. An explosion on the set of a movie that later killed him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zach.brinkley.35 Zach Brinkley

    The sad thing is, you could literally make this entire list about Jackie Chan, and still have a few injuries left over

    • Alice ShouHiro

      i think Jackie Chan injured everything someone can and survive, somehow. >.<

  • John Taylor

    When hasn’t Jackie Chan been injured on one of his movie sets?

    • will no

      Since Rush Hour I would guess. He doesn’t do any real stunts anymore which is why his modern American movies suck.

      • John Taylor

        Actually, he has stated that he has wanted to get away from the whole action hero thing. I think he still does his own stunts. Just without the action, there isn’t much to watch.

        • will no

          Sure, he’s said before that he wants to get more serious roles. But every pidgeonholed actor says that.

          The main reason is that American insurance companies don’t give him the same leeway as he got in his heyday. But I’m sure the American movies pull bigger bucks.

          I don’t blame the guy for slowing down and taking the easy money. But it’s a little painful to watch these kids movies he’s doing, when you compare it to the stuff he did in the 80s.

  • Fear_n_Loathing_n_Oly

    This is crap. Most of the vids load for a split second and then disappear. What’s up with that, people?

  • Marti

    So poor Brandon Lee didn’t make the cut because his injury was so bad he died?

  • G.N Knight

    omg this is horrible…

  • Erik Baran

    How about Vic Morrow’s head?

  • Kal El

    Metal worker Terry Hill died in January, 1978 on the set of ‘Superman The Movie’ when a mock up Air Force One wing collapsed on him. The film boasts a dedication to him in the end credits before the cast credits roll.

  • Kal El

    Oh, Harrison Ford threw his back out out completely during the scene in Temple of Doom where he flips the thugee guard over that comes out of the wall painting in his room. So much so was Ford injured that he had to have back surgery and rehab and taking him off the picture for 2 months. Stuntman and Ford stand-in Vic Armstrong filled in in all the scenes where Ford’s face is not visible. Mainly the fight with the giant guard in the mine cart and where Short Round comes into the little cage and hugs him.

  • mickey

    Jackie Chan has broken most every bone in that beautiful body of his.

  • Miranda

    Guys, forget that freaking foot injury. I know the brain hemorrhage was mentioned, but that was not the only time he almost died. Remember “Police Story” AKA Glass Story? He slid down an electrified pole, nearly burned his hands, broke a vertebrae, almost got paralyzed, and very nearly died. How did that NOT make your list?

  • rcml

    Here are a few more. Steve Irwin, in filming a documentary on stringray. Hugh Jackman when he descended a steel wire on a hanging bar and was struck in the forehead near the eye when the bar broke. Sir Patrick Steward (Jean Luc Picard) was struck on the head by a pully that fell from overhead stage equipment.